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Lori Greiner is an American Television personality who has been an achiever at many fronts. She has been credited for being an Inventor and an Entrepreneur. The queen of QVC since 2000.

In the past 5 years, the arena and the scenario of business industry has changed rapidly. Not a while ago, The Times and Forbes would do a full page cover story on a wonder kid who would come up with a million dollar company or on startups that shook the Wallstreet. Today, in America every block has got its own entrepreneur. Gone are those days, when a company is represented from its glass doors and big banners. There are way more a resource to enter the business club than ever before, the money is raining. How you can join the club, let's learn the Shark's way!

Lori Greiner is an American Television personality who has been an achiever at many fronts. On her Wikipedia page, she has been credited for being a famous TV personality, an Inventor and an Entrepreneur. The queen of QVC since 2000 has done tremendously well on the famous show, "Shark Tanks" where a set of VCs are introduced to startups and entrepreneurs in return of investment and stakes in their company.

2012 was the start of Greiner's journey on Shark Tank and tables turned in 2014 when her investment in a startup named, "Scrub Daddy" that was supposed to produce a house hold sponge became one of the biggest success in the history of Shark Tank.

She gave a statement to The Entrepreneur that, "Everything is a lesson, you constantly learn, grow and improve with the course of time and attain an undue experience that works in your favor for the rest of your life". Here are the four things that Lori Greiner has to say to every startup in the world:

1. Have Patience: Trusting instincts can be the 1st lesson of any business. If you have come so far in your life where you are standing in front of your investors and they are listening to you, it means you are already a no-nonsense personality or else no VC has time for non-sense.

2. Be Prepared: Believing a gut feeling is important because, that is not you or the statistics that is speaking but it is the personal experience that shouts out in your brain, which we name as the Gut Feeling.

Why Gut Feeling is important? Because, it tells you about your preparedness, and you must stay prepared in such meetings.

3. Have Enthusiasm: Here are the exact words of Lori, "Enthusiasm and passion are infectious. I've seen great pitch people that with sheer passion and enthusiasm convince people to buy or invest in things that they never would have under any other circumstance."

"I've seen the greatest ideas fall completely flat when presented by someone who lacks enthusiasm."

4. Become Likeable: The matter of fact is a business or a startup funding is not like an underworld deal where you don't care about with whom you are collaborating but all what matters is whether it is earning profits or not.

When we are talking about getting an investor on board, it means you will be sharing a good part of your life with them, and hence you have to be a person on whom the investor can rely and would love to collaborate for a longer period of term.

Now coming up with a startup in the decoration industry might sound a small venture, but looking at Lori Grainer changes the perspective in a massive way. Holiday Manufacturing , a leading company in the holiday decor industry claimed in an article that Holiday Decoration Business has been garnering a great amount of revenue from the entire major retail channel.

As per their report, the industry's per capita disposable income has grossed at an annual increment of 2.2% and over all it is expected to reach by a "$25.7 billion industry". So you need to find an aggregator, an investor and a vendor to start a venture and dive into this multibillion dollar industry.

In today's world, sharing a co-working space is a trend in the business world in which people can rent desks for working purposes while availing various benefits available there. Those days are gone when you were forced to choose between working at a corporate office or from the comfort of your home as now you can have the perfect mix of both at a co-working space in Dwarka. There are many proven benefits of co-working spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. So, let's have a look at some of the most significant benefits of co-working spaces:

Networking and community events:

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Instead of having a furnished office for rent in delhi, co-working spaces allow entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to work in a fully equipped office without having to worry about setting up their own private office. Establishing a private office can be a time consuming and expensive matter. So, if you want to work in an office with minimum investment, co-working space is the best option for you. The members here can avail of all the office facilities with flexibility in membership charges as per their requirements. These shared office spaces also give you a business address which is very important to send and receive letters.

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If you are planning to take office space for lease in Dwarka, you must spend a considerable amount of your time and energy in settling down the deal and the lease papers properly. This hampers your productivity and slows down the success rate. If you are availing of a coworking space, you venture capital don't have to bother about all these. Moreover, working with like-minded people will make you work on your toes which will create a seamless workflow increasing your talent, skills, and productivity. This will also help you to emerge as a successful person both professionally and personally.

Collaborations and learning new skills:

Many co-working spaces have regular community events and programs designed and developed to facilitate their members in a way that they get to learn new skills. These shared office spaces provide a great opportunity to collaborate with other people and if you are leasing office space in Delhi, your chances of collaborations and learning new skills will get limited.

No distractions:

Sometimes if you are working in a traditional office environment or from home you may fall prey to various distractions and temptations. In a coworking space, people respect your privacy so you can work with full concentration without being distracted or tempted.

The above-mentioned benefits of co-working spaces refer to the increasing popularity of these types of work atmospheres and the fact that it has become an attractive option for the growing start-up businesses.